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If you’ve recently been presented with either an employment or partnership agreement, before you sign it … STOP! The person or organization asking you to sign that is protecting themselves, not you. 

Before signing any agreement, it is crucial that you understand exactly what you are agreeing to. Being aware of what it means to both you and your practice, both now and in the future is extremely important. What are you allowed to do? What are you required to do? The same goes for the other party. Because what you do, or don’t do, could seriously impact your ability to practice and also your future.

Hiring a lawyer or contract attorney who can review your contract costs a lot less than you might think. The saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In this case, it is more like worth thousands of pounds of cure! It is far less expensive having a professional review a contract BEFORE it is signed, than try and get out of one afterwards. 

A good contract attorney will be able to explain the different contractual provisions and restrictive covenants within the agreement clearly, so you can make a more informed decision. Because there will likely be written restrictions on your ability to practice in a certain area, solicit patients, contact sources for referrals, and possibly even keep you from marketing a future practice, or obtaining a loan for one should you ever decide to leave that employer. 

Simply put, if you’re accepting a position to practice within an area that you might consider owning your own practice one day, and you’ve been asked to sign a contract, let Doctor Protectors assist you with getting connected with a professional to review your contract ASAP.

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Doctor Protectors streamlines the process of obtaining personal insurances by leveraging multiple top carriers to provide the best rates and solutions available to protect you and/or your practice. If you’ve yet to obtain income protection, or you just aren’t sure your current disability insurance is sufficient, let us help protect your most valuable asset … YOU!

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