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With over 100 years of collective experience working within the medical and dental industries, we can proudly say that we’ve worked with a lot of doctors! While it wasn’t always the case, many of the doctors we met were so passionate about improving the lives of others, they didn’t realize they were neglecting their own financial health.

We understand that practitioners have unique challenges and risks which most people aren’t faced with. To make matters more difficult, they have mentally draining schedules and stressful work. With so many different risks to address and things to plan for, we found many Doctors felt forced to do most of the heavy lifting on their own. Unfortunately, with little time, energy, or confidence to do the work, many just never got around to doing anything. And some who chose to trust in others for advice, chose the wrong people, leaving them feeling apprehensive to trust in others in the future.

Over the past few years, we’ve collaborated with some amazing people who’ve also worked within our niche industries. We started thinking, what if there was a place where people with these unique sets of challenges could go for all things protection and planning? What if they had a source which could give them total confidence in receiving advice and guidance within their personal and professional lives, while doing so in a time, and cost efficient manor? Shortly after, DOCTOR PROTECTORS was created.

DOCTOR PROTECTORS is a carefully selected alliance of trusted, qualified professionals who work specifically with medical & dental practitioners. We help people implement an ironclad layer of protection and offer educational advice and solutions, either directly or through introductions to valuable resources, all while providing with the same level of personalized care that our clients give their patients. This gives their dreams the best chance to become reality.

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