Legacy Planning

Legacy. It is such a powerful word.

Yet, one that is often overlooked in financial planning as most people prefer not to think about death and what will happen once they are gone. 

One thing about life is certain, everyone’s journey on earth will end. We spend much of our time planning our days, months, and years. Rarely do people take the time to think, “If something happens to me tomorrow, am I truly prepared? When I pass away, will I leave behind a legacy or a liability?”. Whenever that time comes, what is the lasting legacy you want to leave to your spouse, children, grandchildren, family members, and friends?

A legacy can be your estate, or in other words, the “stuff” you leave behind such as money, a death benefit from life insurance, a home, vehicles, or collectibles and other items that meant something to you. It can be stories of experiences you had, meaningful lessons you want to share, or a simple list of important instructions for loved ones. It may also be Philanthropic by making an impact on your community via charitable donations. 

A legacy plan is deciding now, how you want to impact the people in your life once you are gone. A good starting point is getting your personal life organized and deciding what matters most to you. Collaborating with both legal and financial professionals is key to crafting an effective legacy plan. For more information or assistance with legacy planning strategies, connect with a Doctor Protectors professional today.

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We understand medical and dental practitioners face unique challenges, with limited spare time. We are experts at understanding the nuances of the many different life insurance carriers and their policy options, so you don’t have to!

Doctor Protectors streamlines the process of obtaining personal insurances by leveraging multiple top carriers to provide the best rates and solutions available to protect your family and/or your practice. If you’ve yet to obtain permanent life insurance, or you just aren’t sure of the many ways it can enhance your financial plan, let us help!

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