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Why Us? Why Now?

After collaborating with many different companies who cater to practitioners over the past decade, it quickly became obvious which partners truly had your best interests at heart.

Doctor Protectors was created to help you navigate important decisions more easily, and with complete transparency, so you have the confidence to address what matters most in your limited time away from work. Whether it’s minimizing risks to your future, or simply improving the way you prepare for it, we’ve got your back!

Share some basic information with us and we will begin leveraging our resources to either obtain the best quotes for your customized protection needs or provide information and introductions to some of our trusted, qualified partners.

If you have a need for protection, a licensed professional will contact you to help compare your quotes. We will explain the quick, easy online application process and assist with applying if desired. For planning, we will provide a list of partners who specialize in your custom requirements.

Apply and rest easy knowing that you are connected to best-in-class professionals who will provide the rates and service you need now while proactively protecting your future along the way.

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A Practitioner’s Journey

Training / Early Stage 1.Student Loan Management & Re-Financing

Understanding your repayment options could help save you thousands.

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Training / Early Stage 2.Income Protection (Disability)

A strong individual disability policy is an imperative part of a financial plan, since 1 in 4 of today’s 20 year olds will become disabled during their career.

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Training / Early Stage 3.Budgeting / Emergency Savings Fund

Two particularly important parts of a financial plan, which can minimize frivolous spending and assist during difficult or unexpected times.

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Training / Early Stage 4.Employment Contract Review

Having a professional review your contract is inexpensive and could make an enormous impact on future employment.

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Training / Early Stage 5.Personal Insurance Review

Insurance is not something you can file away once purchased. It’s something that should be methodically reviewed every few years ensuring you have the most effective pricing and liability protection.

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Training / Early Stage 6.Practice Acquisition / Transition Services

Whether you’re looking to buy into a practice or sell out of one, choosing a good broker for this service could minimize headaches and preserve wealth.

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Training / Early Stage 7.Practice Financing / Loan & Practice Protection

Understanding which lenders are truly on your side and how to properly protect your loans in case something happens to you can make or break one financially.

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Training / Early Stage 8.Tax Planning

It is strongly recommended that you work with a tax professional who deeply understands your profession and your practice. We can provide recommendations.

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Early to Middle Stage 9.Life Insurance Planning

Protecting one’s family from the unthinkable is not the only use for life insurance. Protecting partners of a practice with buy/sell agreements, accumulating additional retirement income, or as a legacy gift via a wealth transitioning tool are just a few more ways life insurance can be utilized.

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Early to Middle Stage 10.Disability Increase Options

As one’s income grows, so should your income protection. A properly crafted disability policy should allow protection to grow as income increases, without the need to prove insurability via a medical exam.

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Early to Middle Stage 11.Wills / Power of Attorney

While no one likes thinking about their own mortality, proper preparation can save loved ones from stress and loss of wealth.

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Late Stage / Retirement 13.Asset / Wealth Management

Knowing how much risk you are taking, how your advisor gets paid, and if advise given is influenced by a parent company are just a few of the many important factors in selecting an asset manager.

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Late Stage / Retirement 12.Long Term Care Planning

One of the greatest erosions of wealth is the need for long term care. There are a variety of simple solutions to help minimize or eliminate this risk to one’s wealth.

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Late Stage / Retirement 11.Legacy Planning

What is the lasting legacy you’d like to leave to your spouse, children, grandchildren, or charity? Collaborating with both a legal and financial professional is key for an effective legacy plan.

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We often find that practitioners are so passionate about improving the lives of others, that they are neglecting their own financial health. Doctor Protectors provides guidance and solutions, as well as qualified resources to assist you personally and professionally, no matter the stage of your career.

- Student Loan Management

- Practice Acquisition / Transitioning

- Legacy Planning

- Asset / Wealth Management

- Practice Financing / Loan Protection

- Wealth Erosion


Truly an independent broker, Doctor Protectors will leverage all reputable insurance carriers in order to craft a policy which provides the protection you need with the best possible rates, including all applicable discounts.


We assist Medical & Dental professionals with protection and planning solutions that will help them throughout all stages of their career. We find that most of the doctors we meet have such a limited amount of spare time, patience, or knowledge to handle their own needs, that they often make rushed decisions, or neglect their own financial well-being altogether. We provide a concierge approach with the basic education they crave, along with an introduction to trusted, qualified resources offering solutions for every step of their journey. Which stage of your career are you in?


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